A Culture of Internationalisation
On account of an annual tourist flow of more than two million visitors, the significant presence of foreign companies and of an increased participation in global arena, over the years San Marino has developed an international dimension, which has led to teaching the English language starting from primary school. In line with the international inclination of the country, the Ministry of the International Economic Cooperation, together with the University of the Republic of San Marino, organises yearly advanced training courses on the Internationalisation process and gives students a chance to enrich their learning opportunities by working experiences abroad.

The University of the Republic of San Marino, founded in 1985, has created an Internationalisation Department whose target is to increase collaboration with other foreign universities and encourage the teaching and research activities at the international level.

In a bid for bilateral cooperation on education, China and San Marino opened a Confucius Institute. The institute is managed by both the University of San Marino and Beijing City University, which specifically offers instruction in Chinese medicine and treatment.

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