Map – How to Reach San Marino

Located in Southern Europe, being an enclave in central Italy overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the Republic of San Marino has a territory of 61km2 and about 33,000 inhabitants.


By Car
A14 Bologna-Ancona Motorway; Rimini Sud exit – Superstrada Rimini-San Marino SS72 dual carriageway
A14 Bologna-Ancona Motorway; Rimini Nord exit – SP “Marecchiese” n° 258

By Train
Rimini Railway Station
(buses from Rimini to San Marino)

By Plane
Rimini-San Marino Airport “Fellini”
27 km –
Forli Airport “L. Ridolfi”
72 km –
Bologna Airport “G. Marconi”
132 km –
(shuttle from Bologna airport to Rimini)
Ancona Airport “Aeroporto delle Marche”
115 km –

Shuttle Bologna Airport – Rimini
Vip srl – Piazza Ferrari, 22b – Rimini
Tel. +39-541-600100 – Fax +39-541-606820

Bus Line Rimini – San Marino
Fratelli Benedettini s.a. Via Ovella, 13 – Borgo Maggiore
Tel. +39-549-903854 – Fax +39-549-906352
Bonelli Bus Sas Via Murano, 54 – Riccione (RN)
Tel. +39-541-662069 – Fax +39-541-642512

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